Satisfied or refunded

I am not satisfied with my purchase and would like to send it back. Is this possible?

 Not satisfied, money back.

With you can send your product or order back within 14 calendar days starting from the day following the day of delivery of your product, without giving a reason. We will reimburse the purchase amount but ask you to pay for the shipping charge. You do have to send the product back in perfect condition and in the original packaging, unopened, complete, unused and fully intact.

How can I send the product back?

You are not satisfied and wish to send an article back? We kindly ask you to follow the following steps.

1. Inform us within the trial period of 14 calendar days (starting from the day following the day of delivery) via e-mail, a letter or by phone that you wish to send an article back.

2. You will receive instructions and a return form, by e-mail, for sending back the article.

3. Mention the following information on the return form: the details of the article you wish to send back, the date of return shipment, your telephone number and your bank account details for the reimbursement.

4. Put the article in the box in which you received it.

5. Add the order confirmation you received per e-mail as well as the return form to the package so that we know who the package is from.

6. Make sure the package is sufficiently stamped and clearly mention the name and address of the sender on the box. Unstamped or insufficiently stamped packages are refused.

7. Send the article back to the return address as mentioned on the return form.

8. The article has to arrive at our offices within 14 days following the day of delivery of your order. The consumer will have to prove that the delivered goods are sent back in time, for instance by means of a proof of postage. Sending the product back will be entirely at the expense and risk of the consumer.

The shipping charges for sending the article back to our address are, in this case, at your expense.


The following articles cannot be changed or sent back for reasons of hygiene:

. tights, stockings, leggings, socks, foot protectors

. underwear

Return shipments that do not meet the above standards remain the property of the consumer. They will be sent back to the consumer and the costs made will be charged.


How and when will the payment be made?

If the above conditions are met, we will reimburse the purchase amount of the article (shipping charge excl.) at the latest within 14 calendar days after receipt of your return shipment. The reimbursement will be done only on the bank account that was used for making the order of the article.


An article was damaged or delivered incomplete or incorrect?

In case of a defect upon delivery such as damage, breakage, incomplete or incorrect delivery, we kindly ask you to notify us within 3 calendar days. The evidence from which the damage or defect should clearly show, will be given by means of one or several digital photo(‘s) of good quality.

In case the evidence clearly and without any doubt shows that there is damage or breakage caused by the transportation of the products between our warehouse and the delivery address, or if the product is incomplete or not correctly delivered, we will replace the products by new ones.

You will give us a reasonable term in which we are able to send you the correct article(s ). The reimbursement of the invoice value will be done as soon as possible and this within 14 calender days after you properly made the complaint known to us and the product cannot be delivered by us again.

You are willing to send us back the product with proven deficiency, at our request and at our expense.

We kindly ask you not to send back anything before you have contacted us and received our agreement.


How can I send an article back, free of charge, that is defect but still covered by the guarantee?

You can send the article back free of charge in case it is defect and still covered by the guarantee.

We kindly ask you to contact us so that we can inform you on the steps you should take to return the article to us free of charge.

Please use the original packaging for the return shipment, if available, or a box or packaging that is as msall as possible. Also add a copy of your invoice.

We kindly ask you not to send back anything before you contacted us and received our agreement.


Do you have a complaint?

You can reach us via e-mail at or by phone at +32(0)15 76 87 88 (during office hours from 8.30 pm to 5 am). We are at your service.